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Peripheral Library


Superkit with Atmel STK500 development board, Siteplayer internet peripheral, Keypad, LCD, Textbook, & Libraries are available in various combinations.


Component parts used inside the Superkit for those who already have some of the pieces. I.e. Keypad, Port Keypad Harness, 4x40 LCD with Port Harness, STK500-Siteplayer Harness

Intellivention CVAVR Peripheral Library

Version 1.6 -  Library routines for Superkit peripherals. Keypad, Siteplayer, String Manipulation, etc.


CodeVisionAVR is the only Integrated Development Environment on the market that features an Automatic Program Generator (CodeWizardAVR) for the new XMEGA devices.  Now with an enhanced CodeWizard timer configurator, the new LCD Vision Font Editor and Graphic LCD Libraries for the Ilitek 9325,SSD1289, SSD1963, SSD2119, XG7100, ST7920, KS0108, SED1335, S1D13700, SED1520 (NJU6450, PT6520), SED1530, SPLC501C, ST7565,  UC1701 (Parallel & Serial) T6963C and PCD8544 (Nokia 3310, 5510 phones) controllers. Read more..

The new CodeVisionAVR V3, besides it’s own IDE, can now also be used as an Extension fully integrated in Atmel Studio 6.1

The compiler is supplied with many examples, including Graphic LCDs, SD/MMC Card FAT, XMEGA ADC, DAC, TWI, 1 Wire, EBI and the ports of Atmel’s Application Notes AVR1300 “Using the XMEGA ADC”,  AVR1605 “XMEGA Boot Loader”, AVR270 “USB Mouse”, AVR272 “CDC Demo UART to USB Bridge”.

  H.P. Info Tech's famous C compiler for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers with integrated libraries and codewizard.


New Version 2.0.1 -  H.P. Info Tech's New Chip programming software for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers with integrated broad target hardware support.

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